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  • Web analytics for SEO

    As soon as possible, set up web analytics Publish as earlier the print as soon as possible, configure goals and / or e -commerce in Google Analytics. This will help to start taking pages in potential income as soon as possible. Now let’s move on to key strategy points. Idea to create pages 1. We… Read More »Web analytics for SEO

  • SEO for SaaS product

    The abbreviation SaAS deciphens as Software as a Service. That is, “software as a service.” In simple language, SaAS is any service that serves users over the Internet. SEO for SaAS For a better understanding, we give several popular SaAS examples that you may use every day: Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and other postal services; Google… Read More »SEO for SaaS product

  • Link growth from Interview with experts

    How to do: come up with interesting questions; write off the offfer (why waste time on your interview and how much can you post links to your sites); Gather the base of specialists (conferences sites, issuing at the request of BEST … Experts, Best … Blogs, LinkedIn, etc.); Start with those who know you well… Read More »Link growth from Interview with experts

  • Contact page checklist for effective SEO

    On any commercial site, a page with full contact data is required to be. Without it, users will not be able to navigate in which city you carry out their activities, and with a high degree of probability they will leave the site (provided that they can find it, since without a region on the… Read More »Contact page checklist for effective SEO

  • Freelance Networks for SEO link building

    For some SAAS projects, freelance turans can become a very effective source of links. For example, by publishing vacancies and tasks for remote specialists there, you can solve a few more important tasks (in addition to building reference mass): Create a tool, the data of which serve as a control point for customers and contractors.… Read More »Freelance Networks for SEO link building

  • Create pages of comparison with competitors

    The value of such pages is that for such requests the most targeted customers come. Most likely, they have already tried the product of competitors and they did not like something. Your task is to convey on the page on what parameters you are better than a specific competitor. 7. We translate pages into other… Read More »Create pages of comparison with competitors