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Contact page checklist for effective SEO

On any commercial site, a page with full contact data is required to be. Without it, users will not be able to navigate in which city you carry out their activities, and with a high degree of probability they will leave the site (provided that they can find it, since without a region on the site you can’t get a binding in a PS for ranking in the right city).

Contact information on the site should contain the most detailed information about all methods of communication with the company:

Full address of the company’s office (with a postal index, office number, etc.)
Phones (preferably with the code of the city to which the company belongs), as well as if possible a free phone for consultations, starting with 8-800
Email addresses
Office hours, as well as site operators (if any)
links to all social networks in which the organization is registered
Detailed travel schemes (visual, with a text description, options for travel by public transport, car, etc.).
4.2. Heder address
The presence of contact information in the footer and header allows you to be sure that by going to any page of your site, the user will immediately understand which region you are in, and if necessary, without unnecessary clicks, you will be able to find your phone or address of the office, or, for example, call You (if he switched to the site from a mobile phone). Also, each page of the site will have your contact details in the content, which will help improve the ranking of pages in the corresponding region.

Most often, in the header of the site, the company adds their phone for communication, and in the foot there are complete contact details (address, phone, hours, etc.).

4.3. Region in Yandex.VEBMASTER
In the Yandex.webmaster service, the section “Search in the Search” has a “Regionality” item. In it, the user can set the necessary region for ranking, as well as check the availability of the necessary region in Yandex.Beurus.

In the Webmaster field, the settlement must be indicated as accurately as possible. In the region “Russia”, the ranking of commercial requests will be weak.

4.4. Yandex.Beurus
The presence of contact information from the company in Yandex.Business allows you to have a regional binding to the necessary region, as well as participate in the user search on Yandex.MATIONS.

To add the organization, it is important to correctly choose the types of company activities (no more than 3 types), fill out in detail all the information about the company (the correct address, available phones, hours of work, links to social networks, logo and photos of the company, etc.).

4.5. Google Business
Google Business is an analogue of Yandex.Beuns for PS Google. It also allows you to participate in the search for cards and get a binding to the desired region. To add to Google Business, it will be necessary to confirm the organization’s data through the code that is sent to the office of your company’s office (mail), or through a call to the phone number (rarely) specified in the organization’s card.

Attention! Since September 2022, Google suspended the creation of new ones in Russia, as well as confirming and publishing existing companies in Google my business. It is not known when the functionality of the service is restored in full.

4.6. Region in meta-tags
The presence of a city mention in the Title meta-tag helps to improve the ranking of the page in the corresponding region, as well as at request with the entry of your region.

4.7. Promotion in one region
If you are engaged in the sale of goods and the provision of services in one region, it is enough to carry out all the above work on the regional attachment of your resource. Usually, with one region, when promoting the site, there are no difficulties (provided that you have a real physical address in this region).

4.8. Promotion in several regions
If the company has several offices in various cities, or is engaged in the delivery of products to other regions, promotion within the framework of one site may be difficult.

For example, if necessary, indicate the regions in meta-tags, it is not always possible to list all the cities that you need. This problem is often solved by the creation of regional subdomains or add -ons. In this situation, it is possible to create a separate site (subfolder) for each city in which you want to improve the ranking, and due to generations and substitution of addresses to unique each site (unit) for the corresponding region.

  1. Technical optimization and indexation
    It is a set of works to eliminate the technical errors of the site that negatively affect the indexation and subsequent ranking of the site.

5.1. The response of the server
What we check:

The correctness of the website of the site is 200 for existing pages, 404 or 410 for remote
the presence of 301 redirects from a non -headed mirror, with pages are bucket
correct design 404 pages
Checking tools:, check of server response (for large pages lists)
Parsing programs: Xenu, Comparser, Screaming Frog, Siteanalyzer, etc.
Checking redirects
What we check:

the presence of redirects from the site on www (or vice versa)
The presence of redirects from the HTTP or HTTPS protocol (depending on which protocol your site is on)
the presence of a redirect from the pages from the slash at the end to the pages without it (or vice versa)
Rediretic correctness – installation 301 response
Checking tools:, check of server response (for large pages lists)
5.3. XML Site map
What we check:

The presence of a card XML
Link to the card in the document Robots.txt
Lack of errors when checking the validity of the XML card
The presence of a correct protocol (http or https – depending on which protocol your site is on)
Checking tools:

Yandex and Sitemap Sitemap files analyzer from Google Search Console

5.4. HTML Site map
What we check:

Having HTML card on the site
Link to the card in the footer
Lack of extra pages in the map
Checking tools:

Visual search card on the site, checking the response of pages in the map