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Expand the semantics for effective SEO

In the screenshot, we see that the most effective keyword is Generator. From it you can start when expanding the semantic nucleus. The method does not always work 100%, but usually gives good results, contributes to the ranking of the site.

Create unique pictures and infographics

Firstly, potential customers want to see how your product looks, what it is in work, how exactly it helps to solve their problems, than it is better than analogues from competitors. Abstract images and just thematic pictures are dummies. Specks are needed not only in text content, but also in graphic.

Secondly, ranking algorithms are not in place. If earlier search engines could impose sanctions on the site mainly due to non-unique text content, now borrowed pictures are able to give the same results, that is, to drive the site to filters and pessimize positions.

How to get links and traffic

External references, mentions of the brand or product, citation – all this helps to increase the recognition of the company and the product, the growth of trust in the target audience and its interest. Accordingly, it helps in increasing traffic and positively affects the ranking of the site. How to conduct Saas marketing to achieve such results?

Leave comments on blogs

Comments on popular blogs with or without links with or without them are a good way to attract the attention of the audience. The logic of actions is as follows:

We find articles from the TOP-50 results on your topic.

We get acquainted with the materials and leave comments, referring to our product. You can do without a direct link, and limit yourself to mention.

We look that every commentary complements the article, develop the thoughts embedded in it, and not read as openly advertising and torn from context.

The main advantage of this approach is that it is free. However, it requires time. In addition, some comments can be cleaned by moderators.

How to get links and traffic

Use business listings and reviews of reviews

The presence of your product on such sites is a big plus. This contributes to recognition, attracts a new audience and increases the external reference mass. Placement in most cases is free.

A few tips:

Try to fill out the card/profile of your product as in detail as possible;

attract customers to publish reviews;

Duplicate customer reviews on the project website.

Examples of such sites:,, etc.

The expansion of the browser

If your product allows you to use browser expansion in any way to improve customer user experience, use this. You need to do the following:

Highlight a small but useful function in the product.

Create a plugin that will perform this function.

Prepare a branded icon, title and descript.

Translate the plugin into other languages ​​(optionally).

Start pouring traffic to expand from the site and email mailings.

Then you will not only provide your customers with a convenient and useful tool, but also get another page in the issuance. Comfortable. But this works only if your product is a priori can be sharpened for expansion.

A great example: a free extension for blocking adguard advertising, which, in fact, is a “cut” version of the same paid program:

The expansion of the browser

Interview with experts

In almost any field of business, interviews with specialized experts are a very effective tool indicating the reliability of information and increasing the level of trust.

Interview with experts

From the point of view of SEO in SaAS, such interviews also give several positive results:

attract traffic from Google Discover;

extending the reference mass thanks to the blogs of specialists;

Traffic is given to narrow requests with the names and surnames of experts, as well as from social networks and from the channels of the interviewee themselves.

When the conditional ilon Musk gives an interview to the conditional PEOPLE, the interviews will read the fans of the mask, which the magazine itself was never interesting. An example, we believe, is clear.

Expert reviews and profile bloggers

If you manage to find an expert or a popular blogger who is well versed in your niche and interestingly illuminates it, cooperation may be effective.

Example: Review of the Luminar photo editor on the popular channel for processing photos of Piximperfect (3.5 million subscribers):

Expert reviews and profile bloggers

Several simple rules work here:

It is better to take not quantity, but the quality of reviews;

Evaluate resources for placement not only in terms of traffic and reference profile, but also in the activity of the audience;

Ask to make a review objective, not advertising;

Be prepared to invest from $ 100 to $ 600 or even more in this channel.

An exhausting review of the expert or integration with a popular blogger cannot be cheap. But they are able to bring more traffic more than the rest of the channels.

Freelance services exchanges

This is a very specific channel for obtaining links and traffic. Not every product can be promoted here. But sometimes it is possible. Here are a few examples:

You place a project for copywriters and ask to hand over the finished work in Google Docs.

You invite new specialists to the team and give a link to the work board in the Trello service.

You make up TK with a request to fix the errors on the site that a specific service finds.

That is, you contribute to the promotion of the mentioned services. This can and should be used.

On some exchanges, you can place direct advertising of your product if it is relevant for the audience. These can be various cloud storage facilities, instruments for teamwork, means of communication, etc.

Ltd sites

LTD is websites where eternal subscriptions for SAAS products are sold. In the publications of their proposals there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Ltd sites

From the point of view of SEO, the SaAS campaign is a plus. You get additional traffic, increase the recognition of the product, increase the reference mass and improve the ranking of the site. But if you consider the profit, the one -time purchase is less profitable than the subscription in which the client brings money constantly, and not once for all the time.

How to analyze the effectiveness of SEO promotion SAAS products

There are many tools for analyzing the effectiveness of SEO in the SAAS: Google Analytics category, Yandex.Metrica, SE Ranking, CS Yazzle, and others.

The most minimum you need to do is to analyze traffic. For this, quite mentioned Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. At the initial stage of SAAS SEO promotion, you can focus on them. Then you can select analysts tools depending on the channels of attracting traffic or extension of reference mass. Everything is very individual here.

Let’s summarize

In many aspects of SEO for SAAS, it is almost no different from SEO to promote other products on the Internet – goods, services and services. But there is a key point: SaAS often implies a subscription payment model. This means that the project must constantly stay in the top of the search results in order to attract a new audience and hold the existing one.

Accordingly, the promotion of SaAS is usually even more complex and large -scale than other products. Therefore, SEO SaAS is sometimes more noticeable. However, ultimately it provides you with constant, not one -time profit, and all investments pay off.