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Freelance Networks for SEO link building

For some SAAS projects, freelance turans can become a very effective source of links. For example, by publishing vacancies and tasks for remote specialists there, you can solve a few more important tasks (in addition to building reference mass):

Create a tool, the data of which serve as a control point for customers and contractors.

Show customers that they, if necessary, can delegate the work of freelancers.

Create tasks on behalf of the Customer with links to the site or to some of its pages.

Add a list of services as an executor (also with links to the site).

We give an example from our own practice. By posting a vacancy on the freelance exchange, we immediately publish a link to the site – profit!

Ltd sites

LTD sites (Lifetime Deal) are web resources where you sell a lifelong subscription to your tariffs. There are still not many sites on the Russian -speaking Internet where you can purchase a lifelong license for various products. But in the West this is a very popular format. A striking example: Appsumo site is an aggregator of special offers with eternal subscriptions for software solutions for business.

Placing offers on LTD sites is not only useful in terms of SEO for SAAS companies, but also a good opportunity to increase the loyalty of the target audience, which does not love the model of subscriptions with monthly payment.

Analysis of the effectiveness of SEO process for SAAS products

Remember, at the beginning of the article, we said that one of the main rules of SEO SaAS is the measurability of the results? It is very important not to forget to analyze the current indicators and compare them with the previous ones.

You must constantly monitor the effectiveness of keywords and phrases, adjust them, work with content (improve existing and create a new one).

There are dozens of tools for analyzing the effectiveness of SEO Protection:

Google Analytics;

CS Yazzle;

Se Ranking;


Analysis of the effectiveness of SEO process for SAAS products

Do not forget to periodically conduct A/B testing to improve the resource and your own product. By the way, we have a good article on this subject “Guide to A/B testing”.

If you want to systematically increase the volume of traffic and increase the number of customers, you cannot do without comprehensive analytics and the ability to correctly adjust the promotion and marketing strategy. Especially when it comes to SAAS products, competition among which grows like yeast. And do not hesitate, will grow further.

“Everything is not as difficult as it seems” – the opinion of the expert

In fact, SEO for SaAS is not too different from promoting sites, monobrands. The emphasis is on four components:

1) Increased brand recognition on the network and offline.

2) Content packaging. Be sure to study competitors and the search for real competitive advantages.

3) the formation of USP and work on pricing.

4) the generation of thematic and near -meter content. First of all, informational.

Perhaps the main difference lies in the approach to promotion. In SaAS, advertising does not work in the usual sense. It is not enough for a potential client to prove that the product is cool. He needs to demonstrate why he is cool, and clearly show how he will make his life better.


SEO for SaAS companies is as important as for other projects. Without it, it is impossible to fully compete on the network, attract a target audience and increase sales.

Moreover, if we are talking about SaAS as a business model, where payment for the use of the service is carried out by subscription, a complex SEO process is even more important. If you are replaced by competitors and offer more favorable conditions for a lower price, you will lose sources of constant, not one -time income. In order for the SaAS project to bring profit and systematically build up the audience, the SEO process should be continuous. Otherwise, competitors will simply replace you.

The abbreviation SaAS deciphens as Soft as a Service. That is, software as a service. Usually these are cloud solutions that are physically located on the servers on the network.

For clarity, we give several examples:

musical service Spotify;

Netflix streaming service;

cloud storage icloud;

Office 365 office package;

Adobe software package (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.).

If as briefly as possible, then SaAS is any service serving the user via the Internet. We will not delve into the specifics of the SAAS products themselves. We already have a big article on this topic “What is SaAS service in simple words.” Today we consider SEO for SaAS products and features of their advancement on the network. It will be interesting!

Specificity SaAS tools

There are perhaps the two main features of the SAAS, which must be taken into account when promoting:

The SaAS product will change over time, and you cannot predict 100% to what it will be in a month, a year or five years. Netflix in 1997 was engaged in the delivery of films on VHS cassettes. There were no thoughts about any streaming and production of their own video content.

You do not know what pages of the web resource and which third-party sites attract more traffic, return links and leads. This is characteristic of the whole SEO, but for the promotion of SaAS products-especially.

The priority tasks of the SEO process are to cover the semantics in the niche as much as possible and test as many ways to increase traffic as possible in the shortest possible time. You simply do not have time for thought and prolonged testing.

Specificity SaAS tools

How to promote SAAS products using SEO

This is a complex task. If you plan to seriously engage in the promotion of your SAAS product, be prepared to allocate time, money and resources for this. Our SAAS promotion strategy using SEO is as follows:

Conduct an audit of the site in order to detect and eliminate any problems that worsen positions.