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Keywords research for SEO

Work with a semantic core is one of the most important stages of SEO process. It is necessary to collect a pool of relevant keywords, structure them and not be mistaken. If you use only high -frequency keywords and phrases, it will be difficult to squeeze competitors. With low -frequency, the situation is opposite. Going to the TOP is much easier, but such requests give very few customers. And sometimes they do not bring at all. It is necessary to look for a middle ground in order to move systematically with adequate investments in search engines and increase traffic volumes.

Creating content

SEO-optimized and simply high-quality content is one of those elements that lead to you a target audience. It is not only about texts with keywords on the site. Content is all that converts to the user an important, useful and relevant information for him:

video and audio;

blog entries;

Images, infographics, etc.

Even animation and emoticons are also content elements that affect the effectiveness of attracting the target audience and its loyalty.

Creating content

Ways to obtain links and traffic

Consider several popular ideas that help even with a relatively small budget to increase the reference mass, increase the volume of traffic, sales and mention of the brand.

Comments on blogs

Many do not always appreciate this method of promoting and obtaining links. By publishing comments in thematic blogs and on the forums, you can not only increase the reference mass, but also attract an interested audience. However, this scheme works only with a competent approach:

We find publications that have entered the TOP-50 according to relevant key requests for your product.

We study the current publication and discussion under it, add our own comment with reference or the name of the domain.

We try to write such comments that complement the material of the article, prove your expertise and involvement in the discussion.

No “copy -paste”! If you begin to literally spit with the same comments under different articles, nothing good will come of it.

Reviews and business leaf sites

The situation is similar to the previous one-business leafings and echoes are able to give a good increase in reference weight and traffic volumes, but only with an integrated approach. Here are a few basic recommendations:

Try to fill out the profile of your product so as to close all possible issues of the target audience as much as possible.

Use the existing customer database to receive reviews, motivate them to share your opinions. For example, offer a discount a discount or some bonus.

Connect the reviews to your own site. This increases trust in it, allows visitors to learn even more about the advantages of the product.

But buying reviews – the strategy is far from the best. Firstly, the snuffs learned to determine and delete them well. Secondly, the paid reviews, as a rule, look unnatural. They often give an effect expected.

Browser plugins

Browser plugins may well become a good sales engine of your product. Of course, this option is far from always suitable. If the opportunity to use the plugin as an element of promotion, why not use it? In addition, you can direct additional search traffic to the plugin.

We give an example for clarity. There is a service for blocking adguard advertising in several formats:

Fully free plugin for web browsers, but with limited functionality.

Paid program for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android with extended functions (protection against viruses and tracking personal data, detection of anonymity, etc.).

Free plugin attracts traffic and serves, in fact, a demo version of a more complex SaAS product.

Browser plugins

Interview with specialists

Insider information and interviews with experts in a particular industry is always relevant. In the future, interviews can be an excellent source of traffic and launch sundress radio. But this works only if a number of requirements are observed:

Come up with really interesting and pressing issues. The interview should not be a idle conversation about obvious things. Spectators (or listeners) want to learn something new, useful, to get acquainted with the advantages of your product.

Find really good specialists, industry experts who can really tell something interesting, share insiders, motivate to use your SaAS solution, explaining its real advantages.

When you take an interview with famous guests, use it as social evidence when sending the following offers.

Freenses Birgi

For some SAAS projects, freelance turans can become a very effective source of links. For example, by publishing vacancies and tasks for remote specialists there, you can solve a few more important tasks (in addition to building reference mass):

Create a tool, the data of which serve as a control point for customers and contractors.

Show customers that they, if necessary, can delegate the work of freelancers.

Create tasks on behalf of the Customer with links to the site or to some of its pages.

Add a list of services as an executor (also with links to the site).

We give an example from our own practice. By posting a vacancy on the freelance exchange, we immediately publish a link to the site – profit!

Freenses Birgi

Ltd sites

LTD sites (Lifetime Deal) are web resources where you sell a lifelong subscription to your tariffs. There are still not many sites on the Russian -speaking Internet where you can purchase a lifelong license for various products. But in the West this is a very popular format. A striking example: Appsumo site is an aggregator of special offers with eternal subscriptions for software solutions for business.

Placing offers on LTD sites is not only useful in terms of SEO for SAAS companies, but also a good opportunity to increase the loyalty of the target audience, which does not love the model of subscriptions with monthly payment.