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Link growth from Interview with experts

How to do:

come up with interesting questions;

write off the offfer (why waste time on your interview and how much can you post links to your sites);

Gather the base of specialists (conferences sites, issuing at the request of BEST … Experts, Best … Blogs, LinkedIn, etc.);

Start with those who know you well and Middle levels, so that then famous guests can show the statistics of readings;

When you take an interview with famous guests, use their interviews as social evidence when sending the following offers.

Reverse links to interviews on the SITECHECKER.PRO blog

6. Pages Help Center

Another dark horse. Our pages were especially well ranked when Help Center was placed on the Zendesk subdomain. For some reason, we moved to Helpscout. Visibility in the search has fallen, but still we consider these pages as a separate type of traffic on which we need to work.

You will still write instructions for your customers on the most common issues and elements of your product. So why not immediately optimize these pages.

How to do:

We write unique useful content;

We lead users for guides from the site and mailings;

We track which pages crawled out into the top and pump them with links and the expansion of content.

SNIPPET Pages Help Center

7. Reviews of profile bloggers and experts

It is good if you manage to find a blogger who writes not only on his website, but also on external sites. So, if he likes your product, then with a high probability he will include it in his future articles.

We got a similar one with Ann Smarty. We did not order her review. She somehow got to our search clues tool and began to recommend it in her articles on trust sites.

I propose to do this:

Better less reviews, but high -quality;

Evaluate sites not only by reference profile and traffic, but also in the activity of the blog readers (whether they comment), the quality of design, navigation;

Ask to make an objective review of the product;

Review budget: from $ 100 to $ 600.

One of our very first purchased reviews on

8. Freelance foreign

We began to receive links from freelance sites spontaneously, without any investments, except for the product itself. But this is our omission. It is better to think in advance in advance where and how users will place such links and simplify this process for them to the maximum.

What should be done:

Create a tool, the data of which is a control point for customers and contractors;

Bring to customers that they can delegate the work of freelancers (you can give a list of exchanges inside the product).

To test how your product is appreciated by the exchange participants, you can create any task as a customer and place a link to your product.

Tasks on, which include a link to the SITECHECKER.PRO report

9. Quore

People are looking for answers to the same questions inside Quora. And many questions with answers with Quore are in the top Google. Therefore, from it you can receive traffic regularly, unlike most other external sites.

What is important to remember:

Not all topics are equally important;

Use the content from the blog, but be sure to add new thoughts and show that you have delved into the user’s question;

Evaluate the effectiveness of answers not only on statistics inside Quora, but also in Google Analytics (Source / Medium, Secondary Dimency “Referral Path”)

I have this most effective answer. You can use my topics selection instructions.

10. Facebook

There are many valuable pages and groups with an active audience in the NIO NIST SEO, Internet marketing and development of SAAS products on Facebook. I myself in such groups periodically find the detailed answers to my questions, which are not in Google.

How to do:

We join all thematic publics;

We regularly answer in detail the users related to your product;

Do not skimp on the words and careful study of the problem of users.

If you need a list of such groups, write in the comments – I’ll throw it off.

An example of a response to a user problem in one of the SEO groups on Facebook

11. Reddit

Similar work technology, as well as on Facebook. It is also important to find relevant subdits, subscribe to them and actively help users.

Remember that some topics with Reddit also fall into the Google top according to your search queries. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in detailed answers and participation in discussions.

The log of my comments on Reddit

12. Pinterest

We have actively worked with Pinterest for several months. We did not like the results. But here much depends on your niche and the amount of effort. It is also important that with the last update in the top of Google there are even more Pinterest pages.

You can also track the effectiveness of Pinins in Google Analytics.

Pinterest Page report on Google Analytics

13. Ltd sites

Lifetime Deal (LTD) sites – resources on which you sell a lifelong subscription to your tariffs.

Six months ago, I already talked about our experience on Appsumo. In addition to sales, this campaign helped us a lot in SEO. Due to 4-fold growth of branded queries, obtaining a wave of reviews, references and return links.

In addition to Appsumo, there are also Stacksocial, Lifetime Tech Deal Fans and other less well -known or narrow -minute sites.