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Optimization of landing pages

The landing page is one of the most important pages of the site, since it will most likely get on it when finding the right product or service in the PS, so it should be paid special attention.

We describe the main types of landing pages, and what should be taken into account to increase the chances of getting conversion when transition

10.1. The main page

This is the “face” of your site, and the investigation of your company. It should be reflected on the advantages, strengths, describe what you do, what you are selling and why a potential buyer should contact you.

We list the key elements that are recommended to be placed on the main page:

The name of the company is an obvious element that should be present on the page. It is advisable to add the USP of your business to it.

The main menu of your catalog or service. Highlight the main points and indicate links to them from the main page

The advantages of the company. Bright, concisely and accessible to list all the advantages of business that can persuade the buyer in favor of contacting your company

Forms of interaction. It is recommended to place forms for questions, or ordering a return call.

Banners. They may contain promotional proposals, or links to seasonal sections that will be regularly updated depending on the current demand

Popular services/goods or new items. A catalog is an important sales element of any site, therefore, in a compact form, its placement should be provided even on the main page. This is usually realized by withdrawing the most popular goods, or new products in your catalog.

10.2. Catalog leaves

The listing of products has the main goal of the most convenient presentation of the list of goods of the selected category.

How to make a listing as effective as possible:

First of all, the pages meta-tags should be worked out-thanks to them, the user, firstly, is more likely to find you in the search, and secondly, will be able to get a brief information about the product you sell already from the issuance (through snippets) .

Text on the page. This item is not mandatory. Its necessity is determined exclusively on the basis of analysis of competitors, since excess content can lead to negative consequences (especially after Yandex of the new Baden-Baden filter). If, after the analysis of competitors and the niche as a whole, a decision was made on the need to have a text, it is important to prepare it in compliance with all content requirements:

– First of all, the material should be written for users, and not for PS. That is, it should be useful, informative.

– It is important to take into account keywords in the text, but to do this in appropriate places and in correct grammatical forms.

– It is important to take into account all LSI words – that is, those phrases that are related to this group of requests.

Range. It is important to analyze the issuance of competitors in order to understand how many goods will allow the catalog to compete with other companies. There should not be less goods on one page than competitors, and at the same time do not overdo it with the quantity, as this can reduce the speed of loading the page;

Product filtering. The presence of filters in the catalog allows users to simplify the search for products, as well as create additional pages according to certain characteristics and attract more traffic.

Preview of goods – blocks with links to cards. It is important to work them competently, taking into account competitors and the specifics of the business, to analyze that other companies are displayed, to display colors, if it is, the code or article of the product, if it is important in this area, images of products, prices (required), rating, product status (in availability, on order);

Useful services for the user – sorting the list by price, popularity, name; the ability to add goods in comparison or to the favorites;

Tkolling. Add links to related sections, related products, you can also display popular products of category.

If you need to draw attention to certain products, it is useful to add noticeable shortcuts – these can be “promotions”, “hits”, “novelty”.

10.3. Product cards

The product card should describe in detail a specific product, contain related information about delivery and purchase conditions and buttons for ordering.

Below, we describe the key sides that are required to take into account the optimization of goods cards.

Meta-tags. As in the case of listings, competently optimized meta-tags will help increase the chances of transitions with PS. It is recommended to include in tags only useful information – the price, is there delivery, brand. If the site has hundreds/thousands of goods, the task of filling out meta-tags is often solved by generation, which consists of a template that includes important words from key queries and unique elements that will differ for each page (for example, the name of the product, price, price , color, etc.)

Image of goods. The quality should be high, it is advisable to give the user the opportunity to increase the image. The more images of the product, the better.

Product description. Includes the name of the products, characteristics, article.

“Bread crumbs.” They help the user see the investment of this product, as well as quickly return to the previous sections. Buttons “share on social networks.” The element primarily shows the loyalty of the audience, which they show through the placement of information about the purchased product on their pages in social networks.