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SEO for SaaS product

The abbreviation SaAS deciphens as Software as a Service. That is, “software as a service.” In simple language, SaAS is any service that serves users over the Internet.

SEO for SaAS

For a better understanding, we give several popular SaAS examples that you may use every day:

Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and other postal services;

Google disk, dropbox, icloud and other cloud storages;

Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber and other online communication platforms, etc.

The main difference between SAAS solutions and conventional software products is that in the first case, the applied on the provider is fully served. For example, the Office 365 cloud package is SaAS with a subscription payment form, and Microsoft Office 2016 is an autonomous product with one -time payment, not SaAS.

Methods of SEO Products SAAS products

But how important is SEO for SAAS projects? How to promote a SaAS product using SEO tools? And is it so effective in current realities? This is what we talk about today!

Methods of SEO Products SAAS products

The main features of SaAS are the constant evolution of the project and the complexity of forecasting. It is very difficult to predict what your product will be in a year, five or ten years.

You do not need to go far for an example. Take the GOOGLE Gmail postal service. Initially, it was a simple mail service. Now it is a whole working “combine”, in which Google Meet and Hangouts, and integration with other products of the search giant: calendar, Google Keep, tasks, google disk, etc.

How to form at least primary tasks for SEO strategy, taking into account constant changes? We distinguish three key points, which we will talk about later.

Audience needs map

It is important to understand the following: the client does not decide on the use of a product at one point. There is a whole chain of needs and values ​​that lead him to such a decision. The main task is to analyze this chain, to understand what place your product occupies in it. This is the only way to determine in which direction to move on, what tools to use, how to make your proposal even more relevant for the target audience.

Audience needs map

Creating a page as early as possible

Processing in the development of appropriate pages and content is unacceptable for them. The sooner you create the pages of the resource, the better for business for several reasons:

You will have places where to attract traffic;

Users will be able to share links, publications and other information;

You can select pages for further improvements;

It will turn out to be faster and more accurately configure the internal transmission, accumulate the age of the URL.

Many even recommend approaching the creation of pages as MVP (a minimally viable product). That is, not to bring them initially to the ideal, leaving this task for the future. The main thing is the presence of the pages themselves. We cannot 100% agree with this approach. Especially considering that search algorithms are now actively developing, modernized. Sometimes the presence of bad pages is worse than their absence.

Setting up web analytics

First you need to configure goals and e -commerce in Google Analytics. Then you can quickly start taking pages on potential income and more rationally use the budget for promotion. If the Google Analytics basic tools can be used from other developers: Quill Engage, Clicky, PR-Cy, Open Web Analytics, Going Up, etc.

Without analytics, Saas SEO may ultimately turn out to be a completely loss-making method of promotion due to the lack of an objective assessment of the effectiveness of measures for optimization and promotion. You run the risk of spending money not in the direction, but you can’t invest in the necessary areas.

Creating a successful SAAS Campaign

SEO for SaAS is a whole range of events. And here, unfortunately, there is no generally accepted action strategy. But there is a basic list of tasks that must be implemented. We distinguish six of them.

Setting realistic goals

CEO processing of any product (not only SAAS) involves the setting of clear goals. They must be, firstly, measurable, and secondly, achievable. For example, the release of the site in a popular niche is first in the search for Google for a month is an objectively unattainable goal. So quickly progress does not work, especially in highly competitive niches. But the exit on some basic key requests to the top 10 in 6 months is already an achievable and measurable goal.

Determination of key performance indicators

The next moment: how you will measure the effectiveness of the SAAS campaign. To do this, use suitable metrics or study statistics on performance.

The main performance indicators are an increase in the number of site visitors and the growth of positions in the search results. To analyze these KPIs, there are a lot of free and paid services. As a rule, there are no special problems with the choice.

Another important point is to compare the rating of your SEO with competitors SaAS. It is worth seeing what positions your resource occupies in the rating of the ALEXA statistical system, what key requests go to the TOP-10 in Google, where you were able to go around competitors, and where you still stay behind.

Creating an image of a buyer

The specificity of the target audience is one of those factors that determine the further evolution of the entire project. You must clearly understand who is the buyer of your product: an ordinary computer user and smartphone, business owner, IT specialist, etc.

Creating an image of a buyer

Different CU have the needs, requests in the search engine, goals, budget, etc. Imagine that your company provides business tools for data protection and security systems. And you are promoting your product on request “Download antivirus for free.” Will he lead a potential client to you? It is unlikely. But there will be a lot of traffic from an inappropriate audience, as well as failures. What’s the point of this?

Study of competitors

SEO in SaAS should not consist of your samples and errors. Own experience is good. But! If there is an opportunity to study someone else’s experience, draw the right conclusions, use ready -made and successfully working solutions, then why not use it?

You must study by what keywords your competitors are promoting, which promotion channels they use, how much money they invest, etc. Then your business will not develop in a vacuum.