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Top 5 tips on usage of Contact details for SEO

The marking of contact details allows you to issue an address, phone, email.

“Bread crumbs”

“Bread crumbs” is useful to design on the site so that the navigation chain of sections of the site is displayed in the SNIPPETS PS. This helps the user better navigate the search results.

Cards of goods

The microde allows you to issue structured data with information about each website of the site – price, name, product image, reviews and rating.

In PS, this marking is displayed in the format that is different from the standard SNIPPT – the price of products, the rating of the goods are included in a separate line (if available on the page).


The microdistrict of the images should contain the addresses of images and tags that describe them. Thanks to this markup, it is possible to improve ranking according to the site pictures.

Medical organizations

For websites of medical organizations (private clinics, diagnostic laboratories, etc.) there are several separate types of microdents, for example:

Medicalorganization – allows you to mark data about the organization indicating the medical specialty.
Physician – marking that is used for data on doctors working in a medical organization. Allows you to specify the specialty of the doctor.

This type of marking is useful primarily to control the type of references to the pages of the site with reposts on social networks. Allows you to set the title for link to the page, description, image, address of the site.Site display on mobile devices
It is recommended that the site’s optimization is recommended for mobile devices in the first months of the project launch and regularly support, control and analyze.

Given the statistics of sites, traffic from mobile devices overtakes desktopes in many directions, primarily in the B2C segment. Based on this, you can’t do without a convenient adaptive version and therefore it is extremely important to know how it should look so that it is convenient for users to use the site and all its functionality.

Google indexes the mobile version of the site (Mobile First Index), not desktop. Therefore, checking the mobile version after amendments is very important.

Adaptability or mobile version
The display of the site on mobile devices can be configured due to the adaptive design of the site, or creating a mobile version.

The plus of the adaptive version of the site is that the main version of the site is edited using styles, and there is no creation of a new design for mobile devices.

The advantage of the mobile version is that when creating a separate mobile subdomain, you can simplify and facilitate the site by removing unnecessary functionality of the desktop version. And, on the contrary, you can add the functionality that is not on the desktop, but for mobile devices it can be useful.

But it is important to take into account the minuses of the mobile version – you constantly need to control both versions of the site, make changes twice.

Basic errors
What problems are most often found on the site and what should you pay attention to first?

The presence of horizontal scrolling. Often occurs when the dimensions of some elements are strictly set in the code and they do not adapt to the size of the user screen. Because of this, the content of the page can be stretched horizontally, which is a critical moment for the convenience of users and perceiving the page of PS robots. The Google Search Console has a separate item in which you can see a list of pages with horizontal scrolling – it is recommended to regularly check and correct this error.
Close arrangement of elements. Especially relevant for buttons, forms, etc. If the user, when trying to press one element, accidentally gets to the other and goes the wrong way, this will create a negative experience in interacting with the site. It is unlikely that he will linger on it for a long time, and even more so will return.
Small content of content. Mobile devices are compact means of viewing web resources, but this does not mean that the text needs to be reduced to too small. The golden middle is important – so that the text is not too large, and at the same time not to reduce it too much.
8.3. Usability of the adaptive/mobile version
Pop -up banners. It is not recommended to add many banners with pop -up elements, since on mobile devices they most often block the entire screen, it is more difficult to close them than on a desktop.
Site menu. On mobile, there is usually no way to create a header with a menu in the same form as on a desktop. Instead, the main links of the site are usually taken to an drop -down menu. It is important that it is available on all pages of the site.
Forms of interaction. They should be as simplified as possible. No need to leave those fields that are most likely not important to you. The user must be able to quickly fill out the form and send it.
Phones. When displayed on mobile devices by clicking on the phone, the user should be able to immediately call from his smartphone for this, the phones are made out tags Tel:.

Commercial factors
9.1. Compliance with 152-ФЗ “On Personal Data”
Any commercial site has forms, stores cookies, etc., which requires compliance with FZ 152 “On Personal Data”. To do this, the site should have pages describing the rules for processing and storing personal data of the user, a page with information about the Privacy Policy. Also, when filling out the form or transition to the site, the user must allow the site to collect cookies or personal data that the user leaves when filling out any form.

The company must have contacts in the region in which it carries out trading or the provision of services.


Contact information is placed on a page specially created for this, access to which should be provided within one click from any page of the site (i.e. in the through menu).