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Ultimate guide on How to make SEO for SaaS products

For three years, our team managed to grow total traffic for three SAAS products up to 520 thousand unique visitors per month. 90% of visitors come to us from the organic search for Google. In this article I will tell you what steps helped us achieve these results.

The article smoothly leaked from my last year’s performance at the Nazapad online conference. The material is also available in video and presentation format.

But this version will be wider and more detailed. Now, six months after the performance, our traffic is growing and some hypotheses have finally proved their effectiveness.

For all three products (SITECHECKER, COPYWRITELY, KPARSER) we used a similar search optimization methodology. Therefore, I think that the methods described here will be valuable for any SAAS product.

Let me remind you that SaAS (Software As a Service) is a business model in which you sell access to your subscription program for a specific period of time.


Fundamentals of methodology.

Ideas for creating pages.

Ideas for obtaining links and traffic.

Unverified, but valuable ideas.

Fundamentals of methodology

The methodology is built on two axioms:

Your product will change and you do not know where you will come with it years;

You do not know what pages of your site and external sites will bring the most traffic, reverse links and sales.

Based on these axioms, we form the key task of the SEO strategy in the first year or two.

To the maximum, cover the semantics in the niche and test as many ways to attract traffic and reverse links.

If you had accurate answers to these questions, then your approach would be seriously different. But you are unlikely to have them. Therefore, you need to build a system for selecting the most valuable pages and external sites as soon as possible. Here’s how to build such a system.

1. Draw a map of your audience needs

Your product is always inside some kind of value chain among other products. Think about what other tasks your user solves before you come to you and after you start using your product. So you will get even more ideas for creating pages and monetizing an existing audience.

An example of a description of a map of the needs of the audience

2. Create pages as early as possible

You need to create all the necessary pages and content for them as soon as possible to:

There was where to attract traffic;

users were divided by users;

there was why to take pages for improvements;

An internal transplant began to work as soon as possible, the age of Urla accumulate.

To create pages as early as possible means approaching them like MVP. Do not bring them to the ideal at first, but to do well enough, but as many pages as possible.

3. Look for how to use the same content at different sites

Creating high -quality content is expensive and long. Create such content for your site, and then think how, the same content, serve in a different form on external sites. We painted pictures for the blog and promoted them in Pinterest, wrote articles for the blog and used their content for answers to Quora.

Freelance of the exchange if your product is involved in long transactions where the customer, intermediary and freelancer are present, you can register for the freelance exchanges. For example, we realized that our report performs the function of the control point for the customer and the contractor. It remains only to convey to the customer that he can delegate this work to freelancers. If necessary, prepare a list of exchanges where it is possible to do. If the option with the customer failed, create a task with links on your website yourself and add services as an executor. Thanks to this, you can get natural links with the freelance of exchanges.

LTD sites on such sites for lifelong subscriptions for your tool at low prices are sold. This topic is popular all over the world. On the example of the launch of the project on one of the discount sites for online entrepreneurs Appsumo. As a result, the number of branded queries increased 4 times. Thanks to the site, the products and video reviews appeared on the product. Such experiments improve interaction with the target audience that will help to understand the market and positioning of the product.

Using chat first traffic on the site is the time of starting working with the audience. Install the chat, turn on trigger auto messages and start communicating with users. Find out if their article satisfies what they like or do not like on the site. Collect ideas for new products and new pages. It may turn out that the users lack some guide. This will give a huge impetus for the growth and development of the site. Work with Google Core Updates choose a useful tool that imposes all updates to your traffic.

In March 2019, we fell under hard pressure from Google. By the end of the year, only by the end of the year managed to reach their former positions. After that, when a new update arrives, we stop releasing content and build links using old technologies. First, we analyze competitors and look at the sagging in positions. We also listen to the opinions of Seoshnikov about the update and only then we build a new strategy. 362 312 rubles a month for SEO process, personal business coach and wintering in Cyprus are the best vacancies on November 2021, the SEO output is only one of the possible sources of traffic, especially when you promote the SAAS product.

Search promotion is always repelled from a marketing strategy. You should know what your product is better than competitors. Positioning will be built from this information. The user must want to talk about your product to others. It is harmful to believe that competitors in the top have already done everything possible. Expand the semantics, improve usability, share useful and think about users.