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  • Create comparison pages with competitors

    Translate pages into other popular languages Obviously, the translation of pages into foreign languages ​​can attract a lot of additional traffic. Especially if your product is not limited geographically. But there is one important point here – the translation must be performed correctly: How SEO for SaAS differs from promoting services sites From a technical… Read More »Create comparison pages with competitors

  • Optimization of landing pages

    The landing page is one of the most important pages of the site, since it will most likely get on it when finding the right product or service in the PS, so it should be paid special attention. We describe the main types of landing pages, and what should be taken into account to increase… Read More »Optimization of landing pages

  • Schema marking for inbound SEO

    and bread crumbs bread crumbs improve the site navigation and internal tigs. Schema-canom increases the volume of snippet. This has a positive effect on clickability and conversion. Analysis of traffic and sales potential even content, which is well ranked, must be analyzed. Simple formulas and two tools will help you with this. Combine all versions… Read More »Schema marking for inbound SEO

  • Expand the semantics for effective SEO

    In the screenshot, we see that the most effective keyword is Generator. From it you can start when expanding the semantic nucleus. The method does not always work 100%, but usually gives good results, contributes to the ranking of the site. Create unique pictures and infographics Firstly, potential customers want to see how your product… Read More »Expand the semantics for effective SEO

  • SEO method of Creation mini-products close to the subject

    It should be mini products: by which there is a semantics; will take little time from your developers; Close in the subject with your main product. An example of our mini -product that is not an integral part of the main product 4. Create mini-products based on API other products This item is similar to… Read More »SEO method of Creation mini-products close to the subject

  • Keywords research for SEO

    Work with a semantic core is one of the most important stages of SEO process. It is necessary to collect a pool of relevant keywords, structure them and not be mistaken. If you use only high -frequency keywords and phrases, it will be difficult to squeeze competitors. With low -frequency, the situation is opposite. Going… Read More »Keywords research for SEO